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Microwave characteristics of electrical components

Microwave characteristics of electrical components
1, the waveguide - also known as microwave excitation waveguide cavity, is a certain cross-sectional shape of a hollow metal tube. A guiding role in the distribution of electromagnetic energy. Coupled with incentives and performance, while also filtering effect. Commonly used in a rectangular waveguide straight waveguide, rectangular curved waveguides, waveguide bends and twist waveguide.
Microwaves in the waveguide is able to transmit, depending on the wavelength is smaller than the waveguide cutoff wavelength (cutoff frequency). We take advantage of this feature is widely used in the manufacture of microwave equipment - that is, "the microwave does not go away seam hole" truth. Medium, such as air, the velocity V is equal to the speed of light C.

2, the diode - diode, also known as silicon stack, it is the role of AC to DC, to provide microwave magnetron.

3, the capacitor - capacitor filter to play the role of blood pressure.

4, the magnetron - magnetron microwave device core, which is capable of generating microwave vacuum device is placed in a constant magnetic field in the diode. It is mainly composed of the magnetic core and the magnet. Magnetron cathode is the heart of the pipe is kept high vacuum. Converting the magnetron transmission electron energy, most outward conveyor is a microwave, a small loss.

5, transformers - Transformers are leakage transformer, mainly from the pressor effect, such as 220V/50Hz (60Hz) transformer step up to 2500V.

6, the heating tank - tank, also known as microwave heating cavity, the microwave field and the interaction space, the material is heated apparatus is the material absorption of microwave energy into thermal energy and the area is heated.

7, conveyor systems - Conveyor device is sending the material, mostly PTFE or PP chain plate belt, its high temperature above 250 ℃.

8, the observation door - the door is Windows, can withstand heat and arc, a safety interlock device of sealing a 1/4 wavelength choke bad display, inhibit microwave leakage.


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