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The lack of high voltage electric field drying

The lack of high voltage electric field drying
    The material is dried to remove moisture or other volatile components , the operation is an ancient and universal energy actions . Agricultural products, food , chemicals , etc., almost all industries have a drying operation . Drying technology, has gone from a single original pure sun , clumsy operation developed to diversify , automated operation , truly integrated , comprehensive , automatic industry, supporting multiple systems of modern drying technologies. Now, with the increasingly widespread application of drying , dry face more and more problems , more complex, mainly in the following areas have to be developed.
1 Principle of the drying inadequate . Although people on the drying technology has done a lot of work, but most drying technology is still insufficient understanding of a class action. People mostly dry and mechanical design experience as the main basis . Use a dry theoretical guidance is not enough , to some extent hindered the drying technology to develop in depth .
(2) low quality of some of the dried product . The quality of the dried product , in addition to the moisture content of this basic requirement , the general structure is also required , composition, chemical , biochemical or electrical, magnetic properties remain unchanged. But now there is a lot of drying techniques are inadequate , as in the common drying heat sensitive materials , due to the drying temperature is too high , which results in loss of active ingredients and serious .
3 high energy consumption , low thermal efficiency . In the English garden six different industrial sectors ( food and agricultural products , chemicals , textiles , paper, ceramics, wood ) is equivalent to the energy consumption of the drying technology manufacturing and processing 12% of total energy consumption . Low thermal efficiency of drying equipment is the main high energy consumption , common industrial dryer thermal efficiency is only 40% to 70%. Based on the above , research and development of new drying techniques to practical use is imperative.

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