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Ducted liquid material microwave heating apparatus

Ducted liquid material microwave heating apparatus
   Some liquid materials such as milk, juice sterilization, as well as white and so can be used drunken pipeline .
   Ducted microwave heating apparatus can be divided into three parts: ( 1 ) microwave source , ( 2 ) heating the work zone ; ( 3 ) warm-up and cool-down section and auxiliary systems . The microwave heating apparatus with the general difference is significant heating operation section. It is commonly used waveguide heater , coming through a liquid feed pipe set it in the waveguide , the waveguide accepted role of microwave energy heating or alcoholates treatment can achieve processing purposes. Obviously reservoir pipe on the enemy body microwave absorption should be low , it may be transmitted micro he can tune into a low loss material . Drain pipe branch flow determines the size of concentrated feed Lan left in the microwave field length of time. Therefore, by adjusting the size of the microwave input power and the flow of liquid material , the liquid material can control the degree of heat treatment school .
    Is divided into three parts: the first part is the microwave power source to produce the desired microwave power , which is above the microwave power source and is no different . The second part waveguide heating section, is to discuss the work of heat-treated material school section . He conduit coupled to the power source , the waveguide cross-sectional size of the power source depending on the output waveguide section. The length and the shape of the liquid pipe heat treatment depends on the technical requirements . Can be a single tube , but also through the waveguide wall reciprocating multi- tube , or sale is spiral -shaped waveguide exposure . Single tube , the liquid branch PEACE straight out , short residence time in the waveguide . Reciprocating waveguide wall through a multi -tube , not only can increase the length of stay in the waveguide , and can shoot out of the waveguide wall of the liquid to flash cooling pipe , and then into the waveguide heating . This structure Ron repeated heating and cooling required to meet process requirements . It goes without saying , the spiral structure of the pipe , both to increase the liquid material residence time in the waveguide , the waveguide can be balanced uneven distribution of the microwave field defects , and the third part is the preheating and cooling systems . Preheat the liquid is said to enter the waveguide , the cooling liquid is leaving the waveguide and blind . When the liquid in the waveguide for microwave processing flow , the temperature is higher than room temperature, and the need for timely cooling . Conversely, if the liquid material into the waveguide pre-heated , then enter the waveguide when you do not need heating up process , you can save heating temperature required microwave energy , it required effort to craft the secret close to the microwave treatment . Thus , where the use of a common pull -type calamity switch to complete the feed preheat , discharging the cooling process.

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