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Superheated steam tube dryer

Superheated steam tube dryer
     Dryer is a closed multi-stage gas-flow drying system, the system consists of pipes, heat exchangers, cyclones, fans and drive components, the wet material directly in contact with the heated steam, superheated steam at a pressure of 0.2-0.5MPa, dry material the heat required by the medium to pass through the heat exchanger material. A vapor pressure of 0.8-1.5MPa when the condensation is, the use of dry materials and fluorescent gas separation cyclone, the excess steam is discharged outside the machine continuously, if the initial moisture content of the material 50% -55% , dry the material moisture content of 10% -15%, the 1t steam per ton of material to be discharged, this part of the family of steam at a pressure of 0.2-0.6MPa drying medium can be used, which is also part of the steam through the compressor after can be used for
A heat source for the heating steam.
     Tests proved that the drying rate of the superheated steam drying air rate is large than 2-3 times, the dry material in this unit inside the residence time is generally 10-30s, air speed is fixed at 20-40m / s, the maximum capacity of the machine depending on the size of the feeder and material properties.
Chilean research introduced the use of superheated steam as the drying medium is air drying tube drying fish to be successful, it uses 260 ℃ superheated vapor within the time less than 5s, the meal was dried from 50% of the water to 10% (db ) material temperature does not exceed l00 ℃, air drying tube length is 10m, the production rate of 50kg / h, complete equipment used in electric power 30kw. Normal pressure superheated steam, the steam can be recycled.


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